Pharmacy opening and closing times

Pharmacies are a vital part of the health care system. Choosing the right pharmacy might not be as crucial as finding the best doctor, but it is still important. Especially, if your illness is severe, a conveniently located pharmacy can be extremely beneficial during the recovery period.
Using publicly available data, we have compiled a comprehensive database of pharmacies across the UK. Now regardless of the time or where you are, the information is there. The complete address data along with the attached map will help you locate either a specific pharmacy or pharmacies available in your area. We also have contact information so you can get in touch with the chosen pharmacy, by phone or by email. Additionally, apart from the obvious opening times, we have the extremely important out-of-hours service contact details, in case you have an emergency outside of the normal office hours. Another thing we know can be crucial are the facilities available on the spot.
It is quite possible you never gave this much thought, but there are people who consider knowing whether the place has, for example, handicapped parking spaces, very important. Whatever it is that you consider crucial when it comes to pharmacies, if it's publicly available - you will find it here.