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Welcome to, your new source of information on the opening times of businesses in the UK. This website was created for your convenience. We have noticed that while information technology has been developing extremely fast, access to information is often lagging behind the possibilities created by the changing world. Having the tools to access information easily is great, provided the information is there.

Unfortunately, many institutions or establishments aren't keeping with the times and finding specific information about essential things like the time when they are open might be a hassle. And this is where comes in, as a bridge between detailed information and those who seek it. We've compiled opening times for, among others, post offices, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, bookshops and beauty parlours nationwide.

All available to you for free, just a few clicks away. Nowadays, life won't wait for anyone and few people have the time to do the research that is often required - and this is where Timeo steps in. All the info you seek in one place, without pointless fillers and irrelevant data.

Welcome to, where convenience matters.

  • Opening Hours

    We provide you with specific opening and closing times of various business in the UK.

  • Addresses

    Unsure of the specific address of a particular business or bank branch? We have it too.

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    Trouble finding contact information of the institution you want to reach out to? All the profiles of business we have contain all the contact data available.